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Youth work
Harmony in the air throughout the country encouraging young people eager emulation achievements celebrate 53 years on the traditional LHTNVN (15/10/1956 - 15/10/2009), the implementation of Resolution Assembly First XI DTNCSHCM Company; Youth Song Da Corporation has 10 launching ceremony of the youth projects, works to expand drilling wells tower pressurization Nam Chien hydropower.
Happy New Year messages of Mr. Le Van Que - Secretary of Party Committee - Chairman Song Da Corporation
Dear all officials, party members and workers of Song Da Corporation
Results of implementation of business plans in 2009 and production business in 2010
Reports on the business in 2009 and business plan in 2010
Song Da 10 Team Football League opening the Son La hydropower field by winning the "3 stars"
Yesterday morning, on Sunday 14/3/2010, on the field athlete of the Son La hydropower, football teams Song Da 10 Joint Stock Company was the first match in the framework of Group C matches with the first team Song Da 6.04.
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Board Resolution No. 18 dated 07.27.2010 on the results SD10/NQ-HDQT business and 6 months in last 6 months of planning in 2010.
08/04/2010 16:29
Board Resolution No. 18 dated 07.27.2010 on the results SD10/NQ-HDQT business and 6 months in last 6 months of planning in 2010.

DSC02377.JPG Date 27/07/2010 src="/upload/news/DSC02377.JPG" _fcksavedurl="/upload/news/DSC02377.JPG" _fcksavedurl="/upload/news/DSC02377.JPG" _fcksavedurl="/upload/news/DSC02377.JPG" _fcksavedurl="/upload/news/DSC02377.JPG" Song Da 10 JSC Conference held preliminary work of the Party, the business six months span> and discuss measures to implement the task last six months in 2010. Attending the conference with his guest: Ocean Hotel All General Director Song Da Corporation. And with nearly 50 representatives of all the company include: the Party Executive Committee Members, members of the Board, Control Board members, members of boards of directors, union presidents, Secretary of youth, women heads, heads the company's functional departments, Party Secretary of the test section, the director, union president, Secretary of Youth Union members and units directly under, the represent the capital in other enterprises. p>

span> After almost four hours of work expeditiously and with serious mental responsibility of the delegates, the conference preliminary work of the Party, the business six months in 2010 of the Song Da Company 10 was successful. p>

Here is the full general assembly resolution: i> b> a>

o: p> i> b> p>

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Quality policy
Promoting traditional hero unit, a positive improvement, innovation in all aspects, focusing on building and developing human resources to make:
* Labor productivity than on a high!
* Construction tempo faster and faster!
* Better quality!
* The effect on a higher!
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Impressiong Song Da 10
Open pit drilling in ATM technology
Enterprise union members of Song Da10.6
Received the Labor Medal First Class
An Khe TD water tunnels
Merkwaardige figure
total value of business done in 2009 828 billion / 623 billion KH: achieve 133%
Revenue made in 2009 710 billion / 531 billion KH: achieve 134%
make profit in 2009 109 billion VND 63 billion KH: achieve 172%
value of investment made in 2009 102 billion / KH 113 billion: 90%
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