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Welcome spring on the site of Son La hydropower
01/14/2010 01:38
The first day of spring 2010, weather in the mountain town less Ong, Muong La (Son La) cold, at temperatures down to 6-7 degrees C. In hydropower construction, machine resonance "reached" through thick fog from the two sides of the river cliffs resound in the morning. A busy day started the car throughout the three shifts, four detonators to put peak power emulation Party celebrate, celebrate spring, to meet the schedule button on the drain area in May, units of a generator at the end of the year 2010.

"Symphony" on Site

On the site, nearly 9,000 workers, engineers, workers of all four units of the Song Da Corporation, Truong Son, Licogi, attracting work expeditiously to ensure the construction progress of these items on Tet . Special moment in the construction work, which is in holiday -2009, Ltd. a member of Song Da 908 (the Song Da Corporation 9) was further fueled by the Song Da 5 convey concrete, has pour over 3,000 m3 roller compacted concrete (RCC) dams on the canal (R2 volume). These are the first batch of concrete blocks RCC R2 (after "break the flood", May 2009) to "weld" between the left bank of the dam and the dam overflow steep right bank of dam construction. Erection of workers Lilama (Machine Corporation of Vietnam) also has installed and welded pipe exports last freezing pressure of unit No. 6 on the first occasion last year.

Mr. Trinh Nguyen, director of the branch JSC Lilama 10 (Main unit installation of equipment to undertake the project in Son La hydropower plant) said: To the computer 1 (TM1) generators in late December / 2010 as planned requirements, attracting to complete installation of 54,000 tons of plant equipment. Important task of attracting future is to prepare mechanical and electrical equipment installation. Currently, attracting underway receiving chamber room, media preparation equipment, establish measures to organize the construction. Previously, the unit launched the initiative movement, organization of construction combined twisting chamber 6 at the site installation of the unit, shortening 3 months compared with the unit combination at the installation location .

School can be proud of Son La hydroelectric power is a collection of the most advanced technology introduced from abroad as well as in water up to construction. The transportation category of large, super weight, machine excavation, drilling, explosions, special vehicles, machinery and technology were mobilized day and night operations. Even roller compacted concrete technology used to build hydroelectric dams and the advanced technology of the world. From managers to engineers, workers, especially young workers, they are proud to have started his career at the construction site of Son La hydroelectric power. This is where the intersection of new technology in hydropower sector. The section also has a team of engineers, workers and technical staff have undergone construction of hydropower projects in many of the country, such as the Hoa Binh hydropower, Na Hang, Tuyen Quang, Yali, Need Application, Ban Ve, Se San, ... Therefore, it is also the best training for young workers class. It is adventurous and can achieve many things, like welders Level 3 Do Ngoc Tam (25), said: "The wing young mechanic we enjoy everything here, skills are challenged, annealing. A day does not hear the machine, welding flash does not see it that conceptualist nostalgia. "

Standing on the Da river downstream of the temporary looked up, panoramic field of hydroelectric power supply step-up of works such as the undulating lines and music. Bending his workmen, tighten the safety belt under construction on the building, welded penstock gates, cranes on the cliff, making embellished for the epic musical notes, creating great images Great performers such as dancers.

Stature works

Project in Son La hydroelectric power plant made by the Xth National Assembly Resolution, Session 9 (dated 29.06.2001) Decision on the investment policy with three main objectives. That is, the power supply for economic development - social, serving the industrialization and modernization of the country. Contribute to flood control on the wet season and dry season water supply on the northern delta. Accordingly contribute to promoting economic development - social Northwest. There are five requirements to implement the project, which is: To ensure absolute safety for the project, downstream and Hanoi; achieve general economic efficiency, ensuring security and defense Northwest; reduction minimum impact on the environment - ecology, biodiversity, measures to protect and promote the value of the cultural heritage of peoples.

With policy decisions of Congress, Son La hydroelectric power plant was built under the plan and scale: the normal water level is 215 m, the installed machine capacity of 2,400 MW (including 6 units) to meet the high power of year average of about 10.246 billion kWh, which increases the Hoa Binh hydroelectric plant is 1.267 billion kWh. Construction of concrete gravity dam with a roller compacted construction technology, with a crest elevation of 228.1 m, maximum height of dam is 138.1 m, the length of the dam near the 965m. Therefore, the entire reservoir capacity of about 9.26 billion m3 of water, a lake on the 224 km wide, with a length of several hundred km from the lake district of Muong La (Son La) to the town of Muong Lay, Dien Bien province. To do this work three provinces of Son La, Dien Bien, Lai Chau to move people out of the planning area lakes around 19,000 households (nearly 10 thousand people) is the great migration from the largest to date in our country.

Mastering new technologies

Part of technical design and the whole project design drawings by the Company I Power Construction Consulting in partnership with the Moscow Institute of Design made waterways, national consultants as the main consultant. Construction supervision and management of construction quality is top priority. Investor SME partnership contract with Nippon Koei-J-Power, hiring foreign experts to monitor all stages of roller compacted concrete dam down the main line of energy monitoring (intake, hydroelectric plants), support project management supervision and the flood overflow dam construction works shoulder.

For an additive for concrete production of RCC dam construction, the plant's management board has established production facilities in the fly ash from Pha Lai Thermal Power (Hai Duong province), about 400,000 tons. Two fly ash production facilities is the Song Da - Cao Cuong Bac Son and undertake to provide the volume of 16,000 tons per month beginning in 2008. Also EVN also signed a contract with another contractor to provide fly ash for construction material RCC began construction of the plant. Song Da Corporation organized the installation of safety chains mix, pour, conveyor systems, concrete compaction equipment, the value of this package is about $ 20 million.

Mr. Le Dinh Thao, Deputy Head of Project Management for Son La hydropower plant, said: Son La hydropower project is Vietnam's largest, has special significance not only important to the design capacity of the first the staff and workers employed new technology. Combined works started, just cross the river at the same time on 2/12/2005, has three times the river to help prevent construction progress faster. Of the total of 5.3 million m3 of concrete for buildings, units fell about 3.7 to 3.8 million m3, of which almost 2 million m3 of RCC concrete.

His talk explained: In order for the diversion drain button, the volume of water and power plant No. 1 at the end of this year, the cumulative power units are constructed of items, including equipment and installation from 1,500 monthly - 2000 tons, and growing up. Plant's equipment has been installed over 30,000 tons / 78,000 tons. About ACC Concrete (concrete) units have made over 2 million m3 / 2.7 million m3 (700,000 m3 to about anymore). Pour concrete reason to finish in August, not that progress is slow due to technical requirements have to stop waiting for the time drain button, fill out the fields may 18.000m3/thang. Unit No. 1 to run, much remains to be done, which must drain node; first two items to be constructed at elevations above the minimum scheme. In the immediate future in terms of plant construction, on 01/01/2010 handover procedure is finished for the transmitter, mount the transmitter, turbine, generator delivery and installation at site to your computer. The engine giant's first digital unit including a generator shaft (weighing 110 tons), a transformer weighing 280 tons (the heaviest engine of the site), a package related to generator (nearly 200 tons ) ... was transported by waterway from the port of Haiphong, and through labor Hoa Binh hydroelectric dam, the road journey to Da river reservoir assembly at the site of Son La hydropower.

2010 is the time of the decision of the Son La hydropower plant. Therefore, the speed, safety construction, equipment installation, technical supervision by the Management Board, Executive Committee of Son La hydroelectric plant located on the top, the specific details each stage, each time. Accordingly, the building work must be completed and handed over a bridge assembly weighs 125 tons on the spillway. Crane is concerned with the installation of the generator components. By February, the entire unit must complete 12 deep outlets, to complete the entire construction of the slope water and flood overflow blade release, complete all the lower categories and category 2 river in May to close the sluices, the water area. Complete placement of concrete culverts button at the end of June, finishing the dam body, full drainage, sewage door ... Last June concreting RCC dam body to the left to complete in August. By that time, when the lake water in 10 days can be enough water to launch a number of units and commercial power.

He Ninh Duy Phong, Deputy Director General Executive Board construction project in Son La hydropower plant, said the 5.2 million m3 of concrete needed for the dam project is divided into two types, including 2 million m3 concrete and 3.2 million m3 of RCC concrete. Public schools must be done from now until the third quarter of 2010 3.9 million m3 of concrete poured for the dam and in ensuring progress in closing drains, water official in the reservoir area, serving a number of generator units earlier .

According to Nguyen The United Engineers, Secretary of Party Committee, Deputy General Director of JSC Song Da 7, with over 1900 staff members divided into six companies, four independent firms. Is the unit responsible for the production of construction aggregates roller compacted into the dam project, and also undertake construction of 3 / 6 units (units 4,5,6) and build a spillway of Son La hydroelectric power plant. The company also directly produce aggregate materials, artificial sand and 80% by weight of fresh concrete for the entire project in Son La hydropower plant. To complete the assigned amount, the company has mobilized more than 400 machines, equipment, speed up construction of categories: production of 1.2 million m3 of crushed stone of various kinds, 530.000m3 artificial sand, pour on CVC 434.000m3 Concrete (concrete), in partnership with Song Da Joint Stock Company 5, Song Da 9 pour concrete over 2 million m3 of RCC. The company has invested 58 billion contract to build crushing and screening plant lines producing artificial stone and sand have a capacity of 500 tons per hour at work. In 2009 to ensure construction companies over the progress, quality, production of construction sand and stone types reached 1.6 million m3, commercial concrete production reached 255,000 m3 supply unit for you. Average wage of staff and workers reached 5.1 million per person per month. Existing companies, enterprises are embarking on work to ensure the progress and conclusion emulation Party celebrate achievements, to celebrate spring. Engineer Nguyen Hoang Cuong, Director of the Company, Ltd a member of Song Da 908 excited saying: With the current speed of your work, confident that the main dam in May this will seamlessly become a giant concrete block huge, imposing clearly marked with the maximum height 138.1 m, the length of the dam in the top 965 m. Da biggest dam serves as the water level rise to 215 m cos (normal water level rise). As such it will make the reservoir was about 9.26 billion m3 of water. We are brothers and maintenance workers (dam body and face), and focused on cleaning the dam, sanders preparing to pour concrete next layer (block R2).

Demonstrating bravery workers

"The Son La hydro done, we pull all contractors on site in Lai Chau hydropower," said Save the World Table, Deputy Project Manager, said Son La hydroelectric power. However, the hydropower construction workers have to work whether another landmark in the construction period of the century still remains in the minds of workers available in the Son La hydro power plants today.

People here are talking about this design, its elevation, the other items. They live, work by hydroelectric power, hydroelectric power and also to talk to sleep to them at the same hydro-electric mode. There was a young worker from the disclosure: Sometimes dreams do not sleep at night at home wife dreamed that all construction work on hydroelectric power.

Tran Van Tan, Director of Enterprise 6.10 (Song Da 10 JSC), said: Come to the Son La hydro power plants since the beginning of the project, from where only two teams with two open drilling machine drilling units so far 15 teams have built drilling rig with today's most advanced equipment of famous brands such as: ATLASCOPCO, TAMROCK ... Units have been completed according to schedule of works such as digging pit and sewage diversion channels, construction of rock volume of 2.5 million m3 blasting, drilling and spraying reinforced waterproofing construction of diversion drains , waterproof spray drilling cofferdam upstream, downstream pit for construction plant before 45 days. Peel and the exploitation of quarries Penh 250.000m3 volume per month to provide stone for the production of materials for all public schools. In preparation for a unit of electricity generation units, enterprises have completed the amount of drilling injection waterproofing and reinforcement plans to reach 73% with 106 m long (in 2009). Currently, units continue to deploy the anchor drill lining, drilling and drilling water exposure, only a short time to complete.

Many units from participating in construction of Son La hydroelectric power that asserts its own brands, such as Song Da 5 (Song Da Corporation 5) specializes in manufacturing concrete mortar RCC embankment dams, construction TM1 and fit, tm2, TM3. Song Da 7, just 5 years from a firm stand on the brink of bankruptcy has risen to become one of the most powerful companies of the Song Da Corporation, manufacturer of concrete materials than 1 million m3 of RCC, is responsible construction of 3 units 4, TM5, TM6 and the Licoghi undertake to construct the spillway on the right bank of Son La hydro power plants. Truong Son Corporation, an expert on debt riverbed digging holes, building pits wolf, blade release flood discharge spillway, attracting experts fitted the first hydraulic implement assembly tasks vortex chamber combinations, penstock, the power of large units of Son La hydro power plants. With the Song Da 9, in addition to construction items door to receive the carpet specializes RCC concrete dam levels rise ... Working atmosphere in the school as a choir of several machinery, creating super bass sound known as bitter as the battle hymn, very quiet at the same occasion air barrier of the river singing. Many of the workers wearing the units involved in construction swirled together, feel like watching a fashion show on the site, creating the magnificent epic of spring.

Target area of the lake, the first generator unit

World Table Liu, Deputy Project Manager of Son La hydropower plant happy message: After the National Assembly Resolution (at the 6th session, QH XII) on the project to build hydropower plant in Lai Chau , Electricity of Vietnam Corporation (EVN) has assigned Project Manager for the Son La hydropower plant manages two major national projects. He said Table, Lai Chau hydropower projects with installed capacity of 1,200 MW plant, provided on average 4.7 million kWh per year for the national electricity system, hydropower is the final step of the river system Momentum and hydro power plants is the last major country was in progress, will be completed in late 2016. If the Son La hydroelectric dam to be completed over 5.2 million m3 of poured concrete, including roller compacted concrete (RCC) nearly 3.2 million m3, the Lai Chau hydropower projects will be approximately 3.1 million m3 of concrete, in which the dam is made of RCC concrete. So, to speed up the completion of the works of the Son La hydro power is very important, many units will have additional troops to strengthen, bringing equipment and machinery to Lai Chau to catch up Congress stipulated time. Expected to start Lai Chau hydropower projects in late 2010, filling the Da River in late 2011.

According to project manager, is on the construction site of Son La hydro units are the high point of emulation, which has completed construction of the dam does not overflow the left bank area reached a high peak (+277.1 m), the intake of plant height reached 186.1 m, installation of equipment and technology for items to nearly 36,000 tons (nearly 50% of plan), try to prepare dry flat intake valves.

At the construction site power plant, units of Song Da construction is concentrated beam crane machine at the time TM1, and TM3 tm2 of which are constructed of concrete TM1 helix chamber at 113m altitude, the chamber tm2 helix under construction at 105m altitude. Ovarian torsion of units 4, 5, 6 are also in progress to ensure progress. In addition, the unit has completed installation of equipment at deep discharge spillway area. Water slope area is in progress the entire route, make sure to May 3 / 2010 completed; strive TM1 completely installed and integrated water reservoir in May 2010.

A year begins in spring, cherry, flowering plum, flowering the North West cluster of birds, spring back to No. 5 on the site of Son La hydropower work with chaos. Party, State, Congress and millions of hearts across the national interest in major works of the century is watching every day, put their faith in today's construction workers on the construction site of Son La hydroelectric power. Them, these young workers live on site, the current work because of the country, to emulate peak power unit No. 1 at the right time great country 1000th anniversary of Thang Long - Hanoi, 80 th founding party, celebrating 120 years birthday Uncle, meaningful gift offered to the General Assembly XI th National Party.
(According songda.com.vn)
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