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Youth work
Harmony in the air throughout the country encouraging young people eager emulation achievements celebrate 53 years on the traditional LHTNVN (15/10/1956 - 15/10/2009), the implementation of Resolution Assembly First XI DTNCSHCM Company; Youth Song Da Corporation has 10 launching ceremony of the youth projects, works to expand drilling wells tower pressurization Nam Chien hydropower.
Happy New Year messages of Mr. Le Van Que - Secretary of Party Committee - Chairman Song Da Corporation
Dear all officials, party members and workers of Song Da Corporation
Results of implementation of business plans in 2009 and production business in 2010
Reports on the business in 2009 and business plan in 2010
Song Da 10 Team Football League opening the Son La hydropower field by winning the "3 stars"
Yesterday morning, on Sunday 14/3/2010, on the field athlete of the Son La hydropower, football teams Song Da 10 Joint Stock Company was the first match in the framework of Group C matches with the first team Song Da 6.04.
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Fellow supporters flood
10/05/2009 00:27
Support to overcome the consequences of 9 hurricanes

Responding to the motion of the Director General and the Standing Committee of Union Song Da Corporation, urged all staff of the Song Da Corporation to support at least 01 days salary to help the people and the staff were flooding in South Central No. 9 by the storm; October 5, 2009 Mr. Tran Ngoc Lan - Chairman Board of the Company, Mr. Vu Van Tinh - General Director, Mr. Nguyen Huu Fresh - with the presidents of union comrade leaders of government, unions representing more than 2,000 employees Song Da Joint Stock Company 10 was sent to the organizers of the campaign of TCT Song Da 350 million contract amount

The money was donated by the employees - the employees the company is 300,000,000 million, deducted from fund companies colleague is 50,000,000. Before, during and after Hurricane Party Committee and Board of Directors of the Company in time to direct and appoint officials to the scene closely, especially in areas heavily damaged by the storm of 9, to help employees and co- cells where they are stationed overcome difficulties after storms, and visitation, care worker accidents are treated at the hospital. On this occasion the company also supported the Vietnam-Germany Hospital beds amount of 50,000,000.

With cultural traditions Song Da 10, by mutual love and lofty beauty inherent; leaders, trade unions and all employees participate in company always good social activities, philanthropic support, share their grief, loss and practical contribution to care and support staff to help people affected by natural disasters and stabilize their lives and restore production. /.

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Quality policy
Promoting traditional hero unit, a positive improvement, innovation in all aspects, focusing on building and developing human resources to make:
* Labor productivity than on a high!
* Construction tempo faster and faster!
* Better quality!
* The effect on a higher!
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total value of business done in 2009 828 billion / 623 billion KH: achieve 133%
Revenue made in 2009 710 billion / 531 billion KH: achieve 134%
make profit in 2009 109 billion VND 63 billion KH: achieve 172%
value of investment made in 2009 102 billion / KH 113 billion: 90%
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